Thursday, September 17, 2009

StrongMouth Sez: POP POP poppy POP

A lil pop nugget for everyone! Madonna is old enough to be most of our mothers! Even though her guns are bigger than mine, she still finds away to be musically timeless....

I'm not sure if i Like this track, but i'm interested to see what everyone else thinks.

Madonna + Lil Wayne = ????

Jump on the bandwagon i guess let me know what u think!

zSHARE - Madonna ft. Lil Wayne - Revolver _192kbps_.mp3

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  1. Reminds me alot of brit's "On My Radar".

    I give it 2 "/eh's"

    The POPpy nature of it makes it a nearly sure thing to hit billboards hard, and probably get mad spins on channels like 955. Although nothing about this song makes me do anything other than hit "next".


  2. Madonna will always be a pop culture icon. No matter how she "ages" her music remains awesome.