Sunday, October 31, 2010

Kanye West "Runaway"

This one I believe is a game changer ladies and gentlemen. Its a 30 minute video (short film). MJ loved to present his music this way and Yeezy takes it up a level not only presenting one of his songs, but stringing many of his songs together to make this piece of art. Hate him or love him, don't be shocked to see more artists follow in his footsteps and i think the music industry will be behind them. Check it out here:

Rad Omen "Rad Anthem"

My boy Trevor sent this to me the other day and I freaking love it! There is nothing like ronald mcdonald, the king, the jack-in-the box guy, wendy and the Cornel tearing it up at the strip club.......check this out:

Willow Smith "Whip my hair"

What can I say about Will Smith's sperm, its very talented, even if it is raping my childhood (karate kid???) anywho this video is pretty dope, given the fact that she is nine year old little girl........props check it out: