Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Music you need to know Tuesday!

The Dirty Projectors: An experimental indie band that rocks the a'cappella.
I love what these guys do. Its a blessing to the ears. I would say that it is in a genre all of its own. The pop, funk, r&b trippyness of their music is hard to classify, but at the same time listening to it puts you in a special place. Today is a pretty cloudy, lackluster day in Detroit and I find that is a perfect day to throw on a lil Dirty Projectors. David Longstreth's music is a portal to another world. I'm putting up two of my favorite tracks....The Dirty Projectors have 4 Lps and 1Ep...
If you have never heard of them and you like what you heard leave a comment...and go buy the album, this,people, is good music. Turn off your fucking radio!


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