Saturday, December 26, 2009

Homeless guy covers Radiohead!

So I stumbled upon this little gem while perusing the interwebs. This homeless guy named "Mustard" was on the opie and anthony show and they handed him a guitar and he gave us his version of a classic Radiohead song "Creep" check it out:


Mustard sings Creep from Rex Kramer on Vimeo.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

R.I.P Britney Murphy

Paul Oakenfold ft. Britney Murphy- Faster Kill Pussycat

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The XX

London's break out indie rock band of the year The XX might be a little too shy for the lime light. These 20 somethings from the UK had better get use to it if they keep making music this good. With emotionally driven lyrics that mingle with deep bass lines and perfectly pitchy guitar, The XX create a beautifully dark ambiance. It"s the kind of music you will listen to over and over. It is like being caught between two lovers who can see each other but can never touch again. Their amazing music has lead to some equally awesome remixes. Take a listen for yourself. I've posted some videos and tracks. Check them out and as always if you like it go buy it on itunes or in the store.


The XX- "Crystalized"

The XX- "shelter"

Florence & the Machine- "You've got the love ( The xx Remix)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Its Christmas in this Bitch!

My boys Fake Money from the BK sent me a lil christmas song that they produced for their friends. If you're like me sometimes christmas can be stressful with all the shopping and present buying. This song put me in the Christmas mood faster then you could HO, HO, HO. Download this track and spread it around the internet....send it to all your friends that you're not going to buy anything for. It's the thought that count right!


Fake Money- "Christmas in this Bitch"

Obie Trice

Detroit's own Obie Trice is back with a brand new album "Special Reserve". This is his first album away from Shady/Interscope. The entire album is produced by MOSS. I love the way Obie flows and so far all of the tracks I have heard are hard. This album will definitely put Obie back on the map. The album drops Dec. 15th so go out and buy the album as a last minute christmas gift for that hip hop head in the family. Check out a few tracks from the new album right here:


Obie Trice- "On & On"

Obie Trice- "I AM"

Obie Trice- "Got Hungry"

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

S&S Featured Artist: The Armed

The Armed in my opinion has to be THE best unsigned band in Detroit. My friend Grant made told me about The Armed and told me I should check them out. So I did. Everyone always talks up a local band that they know, most times I listen and soon become disappointed with the caliber of music I hear. The exact opposite happened when I went looking for The Armed. First they are giving their entire ablum away for free. You can go download it now here: . When it was finished downloading I listened to the album "These are Lights" and was blown away. Whether or not you're a fan of punk rock music, I believe anyone that is truly into music would take something away from this album. It is beautifully constructed with an in your face attitude that makes me want to punch someone in the face, but at the same time you can tell how classically trained these guys are on their instruments. The album is brilliant. Punk has never left, but this album could single handedly resurrect Detroit Punk.

- Strongmouth

The Armed- "Kingbreaker"

The Armed-Terrordactyl

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Eminem gives us a Refill

I might be a little bias about Eminem being that I am from Detroit, but what this guy does with words puts him in a league all of his own. Instead of dropping the Relapse 2, Marshall pushed back a new album and gives us 7 new tracks to contemplate. I have four of the seven here for your listening pleasure. I listened and I loved. It's definitely the warm and fuzzy Em we have all grown to love as he still raps about murder, smoking weed and shoving wienersnitzel up Dr.Dre's ass.
The Refill drops 12.21.09 go out and buy the album!



Eminem- "Buffalo Bill"

Eminem- "Drop the bomb on em"

Eminem- "Hell Breaks Loose ft Dr.Dre"

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Everything Everything

Hello fans of the blog and newbies! Sorry I have not posted in a few days. It is because of the holidays, I have been djin' alot recently and I also have not been inspired by any new music to share with you guys. Well I've finally found something of interest to me and sharing music again. Everything Everything is a band from Manchester, UK. Their name suits them well because the energetic genre allusive sound is like dance pop with twisted lyrics about everything and nothing at all. They dramatically change tempo and use the full sound of guitar, keyboard and vocal to paint a beautiful landscape of an alternate reality. It took me a few listens to truly grasp what these gents from across the Atlantic were trying to do. It's a fresh and innovative sound that I thought I would share with everyone everyone! enjoy


Everything Everything- "My keys, Your Boyfriend"

Check out their myspace: