Thursday, September 24, 2009

If this song isn't the TRUTH...i don't what is....

You know what I love about Jay Z. He talks a big game and backs his shit up.
When he has a problem he goes out there and shows people how to fix it. Case in point, he has a problem with auto-tune and weak ass rapper that ain't sayin' nothing these days. Hip-hop (at least in its popular form) has been watered down and simplified to sell things. Anyone could write a hip hop song on the radio try it : Pick a word, preferably something that has to do with money, girls or some kind of sexual slang word, get a beat and your a rapper.
There is a reason its called the Blueprint 1, 2, and 3. This is how a rap album should sound. I mean he didn't even have to put out a whole album. If he would have just put "Empire State of Mind" and sold it as the blueprint 3 It would still change the game. I listened to this song on repeat and it seriously wishing that I lived in New York, shit I almost went out and bought a Yankee's cap! Take a listen, then listen again.....


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