Wednesday, September 23, 2009

80's future sound

When it comes to 80s music I think their is only two types of people. Those who love it (as myself) and those that don't like it at all. Personally I'm not offended when people tell me that they are not fans of 80s music, I just think they don't get it. It was the time of the one hit wonder, stupid haircuts, interesting fashion choices. Synthesizers!!! The UK and the USA were expressing themselves musically and we got to see all of its greatness on MTV! Weather you enjoy it or not, you have to know that era will always influence musical stylings for-ev-er. Today I post a few examples that do just that, grab a lil something from the 80s and put a lil 2010 funk on it. Enjoy...comment, I want to know what your thinking out there in the blogosphere.


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