Tuesday, September 15, 2009

StrongMouth Sez: El Ten Eleven

Good day people of the blogosphere!

I am Dj StrongMouth from Detroit.  My partner (Dj Sketch) & I will be bloggin' it up.  
  Our intentions are to spread the music.  Music is our common ground or Love.
So we will be posting different kinds of music for your listening pleasure.  If you like what we are writting and posting, Follow us & tell a friend.

This is going to be our first official post.  The one before this was a lil test and i wanted to rant about the Video Music Awards that MTV still has even though there are hardly and videos on mtv unless you count the lil snippets between reality show. Anyways.   My good friend and old roommate from Colorado told me to check out this band El Ten Eleven.   

So I did.   

They are a post-rock band from LA.  I watch some vids on youtube and the dude rocks out with double-neck guitar.  Everything you hear is coming from two dudes.  I really dig what they are doing.  To get the full concept of what they do go to there website : Elteneleven.com

Here is one of their songs check it out:

El Ten Eleven- " My only Swerving"

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