Friday, September 18, 2009


DJ AM first came on my radar a few years back ... like a lot of people I was quick to dismiss him as just another B list Celeb who was ridin the coat-tails of his famous celebrity girlfriends. Boy was I wrong, I started hearing from a lotta people that he was actually a pretty dope dj. I checked him out (no homo) on youtube and was totally amazed! I had never seen a DJ who could mash it up (i know its a cliche term in the dj world) as good as he could. I then heard a mix about a year and a half ago (which I will post below) from his sunday night party in El Lay called Banana Split Sundaes . The mix was from May of 2007. Its probably the best live mix I've ever heard and if anyone has anything they think can top it pleeze send it my way. I've listened to a gazillian mixes but its the one I always go back to. I've prolly listened to it a hundred times. The mix is flawless and perfect, pretty heavy on the baltimore club (which i love and i think Scottie B whose one of the godfathers of baltimore club music was the guest dj that night) but non-the-less all over the map the way only DJ AM could do. The "aww shit he didn't just drop that song, did he?" factor is off the radar (In other words you will find yourself saying that quite a few times).

After hearing this mix, I did a little research on the man and read a few articles on him (one memorable one was from the NY times published a few years back). I was moved and amazed to hear that dude over came a lot of adversity to get where he got in the DJ world (aka the fuckin KING!). I won't ramble about it but if you interested your good to read up on him and find out his story. Its pretty amazing how famous, revered, and not to mention PAID he got doing something he LOVED. I give props to anyone who can make a living doing something they love, most aren't able to but dude took it to the max! He became a household name and was paid fat to play records around the world (sometimes upwards of $20,000 a night, from what i hear). If thats not a success story i don't know what it is. I just hope the tragic nature of his death doesn't overshadow his amazing life story.

I highly encourage everyone to listen to it. The night he died I bumped this mix at my boys house at maximum volume on repeat the entire night to pay homage to the man. Before he died it was very hard to find recorded sets of his. In the weeks since his death a bunch of people (mostly DJ's) have came out and told a lotta amazing stories and also posted a ton of mixes they recorded of him spinnin. I'll also post some links for some sites I found with a bunch of his shit. RIP AM!

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