Monday, October 5, 2009

New Vampire Weekend Single

Hello Blogfans! Good Monday to you... I received an email today saying that one of my favorite bands had released a single from their up coming album. Always good news! If you have not heard of Vampire Weekend prior to reading this, that is sad. There music is pretty feel good kind of stuff. These Gents from Harvard could barely play their instruments when they formed their band and one of my friends played a show with them and he told me they were horrible live. Ha. I'm gonna guess that they have gotten over being new. By the sound of their new single, it sounds like the formula has stayed consistant. Lots of interesting percussion, I mean lots of percussion. Anything they can pound on they probably take into the studio and bang on it. The vocals are lofty and very comforting. I really loved the first album, so much so that I played it for my mom (she only listens to christian music) and she loved it. Well Horchata is the new single so check it out here first before anyone else has it and I put up two of my other favorite Vampire Weekend songs. Enjoy! Comment! Follow us on Twitter!


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