Tuesday, December 8, 2009

S&S Featured Artist: The Armed

The Armed in my opinion has to be THE best unsigned band in Detroit. My friend Grant made told me about The Armed and told me I should check them out. So I did. Everyone always talks up a local band that they know, most times I listen and soon become disappointed with the caliber of music I hear. The exact opposite happened when I went looking for The Armed. First they are giving their entire ablum away for free. You can go download it now here: http://www.thearmed.com/ . When it was finished downloading I listened to the album "These are Lights" and was blown away. Whether or not you're a fan of punk rock music, I believe anyone that is truly into music would take something away from this album. It is beautifully constructed with an in your face attitude that makes me want to punch someone in the face, but at the same time you can tell how classically trained these guys are on their instruments. The album is brilliant. Punk has never left, but this album could single handedly resurrect Detroit Punk.

- Strongmouth

The Armed- "Kingbreaker"

The Armed-Terrordactyl

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