Saturday, December 5, 2009

Eminem gives us a Refill

I might be a little bias about Eminem being that I am from Detroit, but what this guy does with words puts him in a league all of his own. Instead of dropping the Relapse 2, Marshall pushed back a new album and gives us 7 new tracks to contemplate. I have four of the seven here for your listening pleasure. I listened and I loved. It's definitely the warm and fuzzy Em we have all grown to love as he still raps about murder, smoking weed and shoving wienersnitzel up Dr.Dre's ass.
The Refill drops 12.21.09 go out and buy the album!



Eminem- "Buffalo Bill"

Eminem- "Drop the bomb on em"

Eminem- "Hell Breaks Loose ft Dr.Dre"